Anything in this world has its own myths and theories and it is the same with compression socks. The compression socks help greatly when it comes to the health of a patient and it is usually one of the ways to reduce pains, swellings and numbness. But, people talk a lot different things about these. So, in this article, we will crack down the most common myths about these socks. Stay tuned and be ready to get surprised as you have heard some of these probably!

You need a prescription to wear these

The most common myth is that you need a prescription from a doctor to wear these. There is no law that requires you to possess a prescription that you must present upon buying these. However, some pharmacies may require you to show the prescription in case you are buying the compression socks that have above 15 mmHg compression. The lower level compression socks can be bought without any prescription, but these with a higher amount of compression require the prescription upon buying. The majority of cases that require these will be okay with the lower compression, while the extreme cases and some conditions may require higher compression.

The compression socks are only for patients

This is so not true. These will give benefits to all people who sit for a long time or spend a lot of time in the movement. From the doctors who work on the operations all day, to the professional athletes – everyone benefits from these! Of course, if you have good circulation and good blood flow, the compression socks are not necessary as you will not feel a significant difference. Still, it will not do any harm to wear these if you are completely fine and you have a healthy venous system.

These are expensive

A lot of people say that these are super expensive health asset that not a lot of people can afford. On the contrary, these are not expensive, especially when you compare that you save your health. You may find the more expensive models that are designed for athletic purposes, but again the prices are not skyrocketing. You can find a decent model at a reasonable price. If you are an athlete, you may need a more complex pair of these, so it is natural that you will spend a few bucks more. However, for personal and off-commercial use, the price is just fine.

These may provoke more problems

People often think that the compression stops the blood flow or decreases it, which is the reason why you feel numbness. Of course, if you compress your leg too much, the blood flow would stop. But if you set it up at the appropriate level, there is no such thing as stopping your blood flow. People like to say that the compression socks should not be worn when you are inactive, but rather when you walk the whole day. This is not true, as the lack of movement causes the same problems as excessive movement.