If you travel a lot, you may find yourself sometimes in pain as your legs stay inactive for a long time. Due to inactivity, the blood flow does not correctly work and your blood does not come in the feet. This can cause numbness in the best case and that unpleasant feeling. However, this may lead also to more serious problems that can affect your health greatly. So, why do you need the compression socks when you travel?

Reduce the numbness

As the compression socks improve the blood flow, your legs will not become numb over the time of inactivity. Of course, you can stop and walk around a bit (in case you are not in an airplane) but that would not be enough. Your veins, due to inactivity become narrow and the blood cannot pass through even when you walk around. The compression socks, once applied, will make sure that the blood flows through the inactive part of your body as these literally make the blood to flow. Of course, not all the socks are the same, which means you will have to find the appropriate size, but the feeling of numbness will disappear definitely.

You will sleep better

Having compression socks while traveling will improve your sleep. This is because of the lack of circulation and improper circulation may cause irregular sleep. The brain is designed to wake up if there is an alert. The improper blood flow is enough for the brain to raise the alarm. As the compression socks ensure a good blood flow, it means you will sleep much better. You will not wake up in the middle of travel while feeling your legs numb, which can be a frustrating and really unpleasant feeling. Therefore, you will sleep much better.

You will sleep better

Low possibility for venous diseases

Venous diseases are developed mostly due to the inactivity of your lower extremities. This means that if you sit a lot in front of the computer at your work, you are risking to develop some conditions that might require serious treatment. The compression socks is the real solution for your problem, as these can provide enough blood flow to make up the lack of movement. In this way, you decrease the chance for developing serious conditions that may affect your health. If you can, try to find the compression socks with moderate compression that is between 15-20mmHg.

When not to wear compression socks?

If you are traveling and you have the diabetes, you may want to avoid the socks. The pressure that the socks create may lead to complications, as they cannot feel any difference in the legs due to neuropathy. In case they really have to wear these, they must inspect the color of the feet regularly while wearing these. If any color change occurs, they need to see a doctor see what to do next. Also, if a leg starts swelling, they need to remove the socks and seek the doctor.